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International Conference on
Management and Marketing

Aims and Scope of the Conference

The distinctive feature of the conference is its focus on global transition and the aspiration to provide diverse perspectives on the process of change and evolution on regional and local level. The aim is to discuss and publish research on change in societies, cultures, networks, organizations, teams, and individuals as well as the processes that are most effective in managing transitions from dominant structures to more evolutionary, developmental forms.

Transition from central planning to a market economy was one of the challenging subjects in the emerging market economies in all over World. However, transition is an ongoing process not only in terms of human development and history but also in the perspective of an ever changing world – and its current events.

Man tries to understand, anticipate and manage these transitions. During the last decade these changes are associated not only with globalisation, but also with significant regionalisation and localisation in social and economic development. Transition, globalisation, regionalisation and localisation are challenging economic, business, management, sociological, ethical and political questions. Due to their complexities and engagement of different social, economic and political actors, there is still limited knowledge, lack of evidence and suitable solutions to manage these processes.

The conference participants with their written contributions and oral presentations are expected to contribute to the sharing of new theoretical, methodological and empirical knowledge to better understand and manage these contemporary economic and social processes at local, regional and global level.